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The Wolf Pack of Askell Thunderclaw

Welcome to this series of articles on my new Space Wolf army. In the series i hope to keep you up to date with how i am progressing with building and painting my new army and also any games i play and how things went. Ive been collecting Space Wolves for several years now and have amassed over 6000pts worth of troops in that time. With this army i want something a bit special and so i have broken from Ragnars Great Company and have decided to start my own led by Askell Thunderclaw.

Working for GW obviously has its advantages. The main advantage with regards to the new version of 40k is that i get to find out juicy tit-bits which help me to build my army for the next edition well in advance. from what i have heard the main points will be the greater emphasis on close range firefights and less on assault. thats not to say assault has lost its appeal but successful assaults will be harder to execute but more devastating when you get it right. When planning my new army i had to take these changes into account. For a space wolf player the changes shift the emphasis from Blood Claws to Grey Hunters as the effective core of the army. This is also good because it should mean more Space Wolf armies that fit the last. So with these points to take into account i will move onto the army list i plan to build.

The first thing i should say is that i am building this list to compete at tournaments and so may be a little different from a bog standard Space Wolf list. The other thing to mention is that i am relegating certain 'fans favourites' as they have been a let down to me for too long, a bit like Man Utd getting rid of Beckham :)

Askell Thunderclaw (Master crafted thunder hammer, bolt pistol, Belt of Russ, Wolf tooth necklace, Wolf pelt, Frags) 160pts
kolbjorn Oldfang [Wolf Priest] (Wolf tooth necklace, Frags, Wolf pelt) 109pts
Dreadnought (Plasma cannon, Heavy flamer, Extra armour, Smoke launchers) 133pts
9 Blood Claws (2 power fists, Rhino - Extra armour, Smoke launchers) 208pts
6 Grey Hunters (Power weapon, Melta gun, 5 bolters, Razorback - Extra armour, Smoke launchers, Multi melta) 210pts
9 Grey Hunters (Power fist, Power weapon, Melta gun, 7 bolters, Frags, Rhino - Extra armour, Smoke launchers) 262pts
Land Speeder (Multi melta) 65pts
Land Speeder (Multi melta) 65pts
land Speeder Tornado (Heavy bolter, Heavy flamer) 75pts
Whirlwind 75pts
Predator Annihilator (Sponsoon heavy bolters, Smoke, Extra armour) 138pts

So there we have it. The list will undoubtedly be tweaked as it gets playtested but i expect the bulk of it to stay the same. The lack of a venerable dreadnought may be a surprise to some people but i can count on one hand the number of times it has won me first turn. Then it usually gets blown up in the game. The wolf scouts are also missing because i find them too unreliable. In the WPS Club Challenge they were shockingly poor, except against Owen Rees from GW who was unfortunate enough to lose 3 of his vehicles to immobilised results driving through difficult terrain on the first turn. So there we have it, i will be updating on a weekly basis with pictures, hopefully, to show how ive been getting on during the week. At the moment i am starting on the 6 man Grey Hunter pack which is proving to be steady going so should soon have some pictures up of how they are getting on.

Part 2