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One Man's Pain

A forlorn figure stands, clears his throat, and in a mousy voice stutters ďHello Iím John, and Iím a WargamerĒ. Desultory clapping and knowing nods emanate from those assembled, sharing the old chapís pain.

As 2000 closes and I am looking at my carefully husbanded piles, a familiar site in most Wargamerís abodes, I think it safe to say. I am thinking I shall make a New Yearís resolution: I will not buy any figures for wargaming in 2001.

Why? A damn good question, well it comes back to those piles, as all things do. Iíve hundreds, if not thousands, of unpainted figures Ė some I brought with me when emigrated from London in í76 Ė those were the days. I want to try and get round to using some of those WWII &I aircraft, WWII & I ships, Napoleonic ships, Napoleonic land armies Ė in 6mm, 15mm & 25mm, American Civil War 15mm & 20mm, Jacobite Rebellion and Skirmish games without number. The list goes on (and on).

Letís get painting and playing all those non Games Workshop figures and games we all have.

I will regularly share with you, the reader, what I hope will be success story of one manís fight back against an addiction. Follow the faltering footfalls only in the Big ĎUns News Letter & the pages of OK!

The Flexible Warrior

Whatís that under there? Blimy I donít remember buying theseÖ Turning over, the still cellophane wrapped box of Russian Knights (XII Ė XIII Century) from Italeri.

The first thing I notice are the pretty pictures of well-armoured troops in action poses. The next thing is the yellow price tag proclaiming £3!

Open the box reveals 2 sprues. The first has 5 rows of 5 foot troops. Each row has identical figures. They are:

  • archer with a quilted jacket
  • armoured knight with flail
  • foot solder

The Temperance League

Well itís two months into my year on the wagon - no purchases those treats from hell, and I have to report that despite being coerced into going to the Foundry factory twice in that time I have parted with no money.

On the painting front I havenít been able to pick up a ď000Ē, although I did manage 200 square feet of bedroom wall, so thatís something! Oh and there looks like more to come.

I have been thinking about painting and decided on a regime of painting just 10 figures each week. That should produce about 500 figures in a year. Iím not going to worry about the scale of the figures for now. A painted figure is a painted figure.

Iím hoping to concentrate my efforts on my 20mm ancient Egyptians for WAB, a 15mm ancient Egyptian army for DBA and Sallyís 15mm Ghaznavid DBA army.

Thatís it for now folks.