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A new army, thatís an old army.

You know me, never the one to play it straight out of the box, I always need an angle.

Iíve had my Goblins out of late and when Tim challenged me to a game I thought of Undead, but Tim had just played them and wasnít too keen.

So I was stuck with Greenskins, but wait, I wanted to use may barbarian warriors Iíd been harbouring for sometime in the back of the cupboard. Life just isnít fair.

Then it struck me why do I always have to use nothing bigger than a Gobin? Well there is no reason what so ever, so I thought Iíd go for an all Orc force. Big tough barbarian types. The Savage Orcs could be my fanatic warriors, and the Big ĎUns my body-guard. I get chariots and mounted troops & rough, tough characters.

Itís a pity about the animosity, but life is rarely perfect.

What I ended up with was 4 characters, including a Shaman. 3*24 man units of warriors, 1 bodyguard unit of 24 & 1 unit of 24 fanatics. I also used 10 mounted warriors & 3 chariots.

I didnít go for any archers as Tim was using High Elves, but there are possibilities for the future.

So Ďtis off to WAR. What follows is my version of what happened, any inaccuracies and lies are mine alone Ö Enjoy

We ended up with scenery stretched across the middle of the board, with hills in front of each deployment area.

Looking from my side of the battlefield L to R I deployed:
10 mounted figures + Big Boss, Chariot, 24 Savage Barbarian foot, Chariot, 24 Ordinary Barbarian foot, Big Boss, Chariot, CinC, Shaman, 24 Ordinary Barbarian foot, 24 Big ĎUn Barbarian foot & 24 Ordinary Barbarian foot.

Tim deployed 24 Spears, Magician, 20 Sword Masters + CinC, 2 repeating bolt-shooters, 24 Spears, 20 Bows, Magician, 24 Spears.

I elected to take the first turn. No animosity, so a general advance to my left, apart from the Big ĎUns & the far right Ordinary Barbarian foot, who dummied to my right.

I managed to get off a spell and did a wound on one of the magic users. No firing from me.

Tim held his line and fired both bolt-shooters and the bow unit at the far 24 Ordinary Barbarian foot unit to my right. 3 dead Ė tough Barbarians.

Turn 2. No failed animosity, so I pressed my advance to the left to itís full, with the mounted troops going wide to avoid a wood. The Big ĎUns switched from advancing to the right to advancing on the centre & the 24 Ordinary Barbarian foot on the far right withdrew 2". My Shaman exploded and took 2 Barbarians with him.

Tim held again and switched targets with the bolt throwers to the unit that had contained the Shaman & General. 10 Barbarians bit the dust from magic & bolt shots, but when they reacted they didnít care.

Turn 3. The mounted troops failed their animosity test & decided to get stuck in against the flank of Timís spears. Oh the lows & highs of animosity! The Big ĎUns decided to squabble. I was a little cautious with the unit that took all the casualties and just teased them forward (I was trying to avoid presenting a flank to a spear unit). The general changed units & the Savage Barbarians pressed forward. No Magic or firing from me.

The spears lost, but didnít flee Ė typically the mounts did the killing.

Tim then charged the Swordmasters plus CinC at the dilapidated unit of Barbarians, which I elected to flee. Tim nicely presented the flank of this unit to a counter-charge next turn from the Barbarians lead by my CinC Ė animosity permitting. Bolt-shooters and bows targeted the unit of Barbarians on my far Right and killed 3. Toughness four, donít you just love it!

The spears engaged by my mounted troops broke & fled, being run down in the process & pursuing into the wounded magic user.

My turn 4, no animosity, and a chariot and the 24 Ordinary Barbarian foot accompanied by the CinC charge the Swordmasters + General. Breaking them in the process & running them down. The magic user falls to hooves of my mounted troops and sweeps into the Bolt-shooters. Nobody panics. Blast that high Ld.

We played another round and decided to call it quits. I enjoyed the initial outing of my Barbarian Orcs. I think my mental picture of Barbarians fits in with the Orcs, apart from the animosity Ė but who cares. Must now paint the army. I think Tim is looking for some additional bows to introduce some flexibility into his game.