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Border Patrol

I decided to take part in my first, and only, wargaming competition in 2004 when I received details of Lincombe Barn’s Border Patrol competition on Halloween.

I spent ages trying to produce 500 pt armies with no more than 4 units and where no figure could exceed 125 points cost. In the end it all became too much for me and I went with the faithful Goblins. I hadn’t used them this year.

My army consisted of 2 units of 24 Night Goblins, (sword and shield) each with full command and 2 fanatics.

1 unit of 24 Night Goblins, (spear and shield) with full command and 2 fanatics.

1 Goblin Chariot, with 4 crew and 3 wolves

1 Goblin Big Boss with Lt armour, sword and the only magic item I chose - the Enchanted Shield

Cost 499 points

I decided that magic wasn’t worth it.

My first game was against a young Lad – Mathew Garlick who hadn’t played before. He was using Lizards which consisted of 12 Saurus, 10 javelin armed Skinks, 10 Chameleon Skinks & Skink Shaman.

We only played 2 rounds as I spent so long helping him with his rules. I also didn’t appreciate that the objective was worth 300 VP.

I had managed to charge the chariot and a block of Goblins into the Saurus and creamed them to a lizard.

My first win – it was against a 10 year old

In my second game I met Alan Vowles’ Dwarven host. Alan had chosen the only piece of artillery in the competition – a bolt thrower. This was backed up by 10 crossbows & 2 units 12 of warriors and a Thane.

1 unit of warriors on one flank broke from fanatic casualties and rallied, but were out of the game. The other unit of warriors on the other flank took a charge from the chariot and a block of Goblins and broke.

Another win.

Game 3 was against another Portbury guy – Dave Ley, using Bretonians. His force consisted of 2 units of 6 knights, 10 Long Bows and a Paladin.

I wasn’t too worried as he had 10 missile men, so hopefully the 25 man Goblin units would hold for a while. I did take some care positioning the chariot out of reach of his bows (I hoped).

I got first turn and advanced 2 units of Goblins over the objective. Dave then launched one unit of cavalry at each of them. Out came the fanatics and destroyed 1 of the cavalry units. The other unit suffered only 1 casualty. Oh dear clobbering time.

Dave swept away only 4 of the spear armed Goblins and the remaining 6 figures struck back – slapped would have been better, but 1 won by a musician & he broke back through the fanatics finishing him off. I pursued, but not enough to move into the fanatics. I was going to call it a day, but the blood was up and I went for his bowmen and Paladin, which I caught and saw off.

My biggest win & Dave’s only loss of the day

Game 4 saw me facing the 3rd Portbury entrant – Jo Lang riding at the head of her High Elf force. Consisting of 5 Silver Helms, joined by the general, 10 bowmen and 10 Seaguard.

Once again I took the offensive and managed to remove 3 Silver Helms with fanatics, who broke and rallied. Jo kept them out of harms way after that. I went forward into the bowmen and saw them off. Jo charged through a fanatic to get to my other Goblin foot unit. 8 Seaguard became an attacking force of 2 after they bumped into the fanatic. They broke.

Good grief 4th win of the day

News of the last game was well received, if only because I was somewhat pooped by this stage. I faced Mark from Lincombe Barn with his Dark Elves. Mark has played DE for years, and was just starting a Night Goblin army.

Mark employed 18 Spears, a general in a chariot and 6 dark riders.

In this game I think the Goblin host was more unruly than all the others put together. I just couldn’t get them to do hardly anything. One unit of Goblins broke before the charge of the general, running through their own fanatic. The chariot pursued into the fanatic and killed the general and took another wound from the chariot. The rout took my chariot with it – both rallied

In the centre Mark charge my spear armed Goblins + general with his spears and we tussled for 4 turns. The Dark Elves eventually fled. I tried not to pursue as I was on the objective, but off they went anyway. No VP for me then

The Dark Riders kept picking on one unit of sword armed Goblins, fleeing & rallying, then they stood the next charge & held. They were overwhelmed and broke in the following round however.

So that made a clean sweep of the day’s games.

I think the fear of the potential of Goblins exceed their true killing power. In true fashion I killed more of my troops than that of the enemy.

In the end I had an enjoyable day, and that’s what counts in my book.

John Oman