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Basingstoke Tournament Report

By Ian Scovell.

Me and Alex West arrived nice and early on Saturday morning not knowing quite what to expect from this tournament but we soon got an idea when we wandering around the hall. We were quite shocked at some of the beardy armies on display, Tzeentch legions, typical Slayer list, four giants yes that's not a typo, I said four, about 8 armies with Dragons, Khorne army with 4 or 5 chariots, two Wood Elf double treemen armies, After that I was very glad I bought my Brets, my Dark Elves would have been stomped into the ground, then I saw my first opponents 2,000pt Bret army containing 84 Knights, I consider my Brets to be a hard non-friendly tourney based army without being complete cheese or OTT and they contain a grand total of 36 Knights! The tables were a bit different to most WPS tournies as all terrain was supplied by the hosting club and preset which would be interesting as it could really favour certain armies depending on the luck of the draw as some tables were really terrain heavy whilst others were reasonably barren.

Game 1
The first game was against James Rosser to be played at 1,000pts I was using a slimmed down version of my 2k brets:

7 KotR
2 x 6 Errants
10 Peasant Archers
3 Peg. Knights

James was another Bretonnian player using the Errantry list his army was roughly, errants + errants + errants + more errants. He hadn't based them at all or done proper movement trays and the knights were painted in a bare minimum flat colours with no highlighting shading, no Heraldry either, oh well, his army was from memory was:

12 Errants
12 Errants
12 Errants

Turn 1: The table was quite terrain heavy on one side meaning we'd be playing using just the left half side. I deployed my Pegs on the left table edge to draw a lance off into a ball room dancing contest, placed my peasants in a ruined house in my deployment zone and my remaining bait lances and main lance centrally. He won first turn and advanced all his lances forwards toward my lines, my first turn I march blocked the lance opposite my pegs landing behind them, I charged a small lance into his BSB lance, I set the other Bait lance in front of his generals lance and positioned the KOTR to counter charge, the key to this game though was always going to be the magic phase as I'd got howler wind and he only had 2 Dispel dice and no scrolls, if I could cast it in the first turn or second I'd dominate the movement and win the game, typically though I failed to cast it needing +7 on 3D6. My charging Errant lance suffered major rubber lance syndrome and fluffed their attacks and then proceeded to fail their break test twice and were run down by the pursuers leaving his BSB boys in a position to charge my BSB lance next turn.

Turn 2: James charged his BSB into my BSB lance and charged his generals lance at my small errant lance who fled, he reformed his far lance to face back toward the centre. His BSB challenged my BSB, I wasn't about to let him die though and my champ took up the challenge he managed to win the combat but as I had the war banner and virtue of duty he only just won and I held easily with BSB reroll to spare. My next turn I rallied the fleeing Errants and moved the Pegs toward the centre to bail out the BSB boys with a rear charge next turn. Again I tried to cast howler wind to save my bacon and pull this out of the fire, I rolled a massive 7 on 3D6 which he managed to Dispel with his 2 dice. The BSB duel continued with my champion knocking off a wound from his BSB before going down. I lost by one and held again.

Turn 3: James charged his generals lance at my remaining small lance which again fled, unfortunately this turn it just fled far enough to leave the table. He moved his far lance to threaten my Peasants having given up on catching the Pegs. The BSB now faced off on each other my boy smashing his BSB into the ground, for the first time I'd managed to tie the combat and with his BSB gone the tide had turned. My turn I charged the rear of his engaged lance with my Pegs, now the combat was definitely in my favour despite the Pegs. typically causing zero wounds, their +2 rear bonus combined with my BSB butchering his champion saw his Errants broken and run down with both units pursing into the flank of his generals unit. This turn I eventually managed to cast howler wind on 10... which he dispelled with only 2D6!!!

Turn 4: James now had one chance to save his generals lance and the game, the lance on the far flank which had done nothing all game was possibly just in range to charge the rear of the overruning Peg Knights. We checked and he was 15" away so in they went I was hoping the Pegs would fail their panic and run but no such luck whenever you don't want to pass a panic they always do. If only I'd got a howler wind off.. if only I'd have blocked their charge path last turn with the Peasants... if only! Anyway they went in and changed the whole combat in his favour with the ranks and rear bonus combining for +5 CR, my Pegs broke the BSB held with their reroll, just. But were now in dire position with the BSB on one wound and only a few knights left. They broke in my turn and were run down

Turn 5/6: I hid my archers, everything else was dead and I'd only killed 1 of his 3 lances, massacre to James, oh well at least I'd avoid the cheese for game two... I hoped.

Game 2:

For the second game I was drawn against Dave Offen-James and his very nicely painted Orc army. Dave had a nice balanced Orc army something of a rareity these days with a good variety of units his list was roughly:

Black Orc big boss with huge GW in boar chariot
Orc Great Shaman
Orc Shaman on Boar
Large unit Orc boys with spears
Large unit Black orcs with GWs
Large unit of Big Uns
8 Boar boyz
4 snotling bases
4 Trolls
Snotling pump wagon
Rock Lobber

I used my usual 2,000pts Brets list as I would do for the rest of the day:

Lord (GW, Knightly Temper, Tress, Curiass)
BSB (VoDuty, Sword of Might)
3 Damsels (All level 2, with 2 scrolls total between them)
7 KotR (War Banner)
8 Errants (errantry banner)
7 Questing Knights (FC)
2 x 6 Errants (Musician)
16 Men at Arms (FC)
10 Peasant bowmen (skirmish)
3 Peg Knights

This game had a slanted deployment zone and gave a bonus 400VPS if you wiped out the enemy army completely to the last man. There was a sparse terrain with forests on the flanks and a large central hill splitting the centre of the table up.

Turn 1: Dave advanced his lines forward as follows from left to right: Snotlings, Trolls, Boyz, Chariot/General, Biguns, Black Orcs, Boar Boyz, Pump Wagon. He fired off a couple of spells in his magic phase which I scrolled and dispelled, in the shooting phase he fired his rock lobber at my generals lance but it scattered right on top of my Men at Arms killing 10 and sending the remaining 6 running. In my turn I charged my large Errant lance into Dave's trolls which had strayed a bit close, I charged a small Errant lance at the Boar Boyz on the other flank who again had got to close. Dave initially held both to my surprise, but when I pointed out that the Errants would actually go into the Boars flank I allowed him to change his mind and flee them. I was cutting him some slack as Dave admitted before the game that he's really more of a 40k man and wasn't that experienced at Fantasy so I also had to also pointed out to him to move his great shaman away from the central hill in his first movement phase as my damsels master of stone life magic spells ignored normal shooting rules, he was under impression that the nearby unit of Orcs would protect him. Elsewhere I rallied the Men at Arms, moved my other small Errant lance forwards to bait the general in chariot, the Pegs flew into the middle of the table to threaten both mages and the Rock Lobber. Didn't manage to do any damage in the magic phase. The Errants blasted straight through the trolls causing 6 wounds leaving no attacks back, they broke and were run down leaving the Errants behind Dave's lines, the boyz next to the Errants also failed their panic and fled things were looking good.

Turn 2: Dave charged the Errant bait with his general, they fled. He managed to rally the fleeing boys and reformed to face the rampant Errant lance, he also managed to rally the boar boyz. The rest of the Orcs advanced on my lines. And then came the magic phase, Dave cast stompy spell of death which I scrolled he then cast waagh... with irresistible force, oh dear. The newly rallied boyz smashed into the flank of my Errants, the generals chariot again charged the now fleeing Errants who fled again off the table, the Big Uns charged my Peg knights gulp. Luckily the rock lobber missed. The boyz flank charging my large unit of Errants containing damsel broke them and ran them down but at least they ended up in the middle of a wood so that would see them out of the entire game from now on. The big uns didn't cause any wounds on the pegs but broke them through combat res. they fled to safety. My turn the BSB and KotR charged Dave's general on chariot, I rallied the Pegs, my generals lance moved forwards to threaten the big 'uns. I miscast early in the magic phase ending it dead. The general issued a challenge which my champ accepted and was cut down for his trouble, whilst this was going on the rest of my KotR turned the generals chariot into firewood breaking him and easily running him down.

Turn 3: Dave had no units in position to charge this turn other than the annoying snotlings who had been reduced to two bases by my archers these charged into the flank of my generals lance to pin them down for a bit. The rest of Dave's units positioned themselves for another waagh charge. Dave opened up his magic phase by again trying a 5 dice waagh, he miscast huraahhh, but he had the staff of rerolls boooo and cast again with a double 6! And his 2D6" charges didn't let him down as the Black Orcs smashed into the BSB/KotR lance, the boarboyz charged the Pegs on a 12" waagh!!!, the Big Uns waaghed into my remaining small Errant lance this was looking bad but the great shaman was also in position to waagh himself and foolishly waaghed into the Pegs. Dave had nothing to shoot this turn as everything was in combat, in the combat phase my generals lance took the snotlings down to a single base, the black orcs fluffed their attacks killing only 1 or 2 knights and with my BSB taking down two Orcs in return I managed to tie combat with the warbanner and Virtue of Duty, this unit is absolute rock as long as the BSB lives. The biguns broke my small Errant lance and ran them down. The Boarboyz took down one Peg knight but now was my time to get really lucky as my champion and his peg managed to hack down the Great Shaman, they were broken and run down by the boarboyz but their sacrifice wouldn't be in vain I now had a way back into this game. In my turn I took out the remaining snotling base with my general and broke the black Orcs thanks to the BSB taking out three Black Orcs on his own, their GWs and lack of armour really cost them and they also caused the nearby big uns to panic and run. My archers also managed to take out 2 boarboyz Dave rolling 1 and 2 for his armour saves, the tide was definitely turning.

Turn 4:Again no charges from the Orcs this turn, Dave had one big unit of boyz stuck in a wood, his rocklobber, boarboyz, boar mounted shaman and his fleeing Big uns who failed to rally this turn. In his magic phase his Shaman miscast first spell and promptly blew his head off so Dave had gone from total magic dominance to no mages in 1 turn! His rock lobber misfired as well to compound his misery. In my turn I charged the general out of his unit at the fleeing big uns to make em flee to the edge of the table the rest of the unit turned to face the boarboyz who had been threatening their flank, the BSB/KotR reformed back towards the rock lobber and fleeing big uns. My magic had done nothing all game so I was pleased to start the magic phase with a double 6 master of wood on the unit of boyz trapped in the wood killing 9 and making the rest run, I followed this up with a double 6 father of the thorn on the boarboyz taking them from 6 to 2boars so far Dave hadn't managed to make a single +3 save with them! My 10 peasant archers then managed to add insult to injury by killing the remaining two Dave rolling double 1 for his saves...

Turn 5: Things were desperate for Dave now he'd seen what looked like a huge win on turn 3 turn into a massive loss, the boyz failed to rally and ran off the board though the big uns did rally and were now stood on his table edge next to the rock lobber facing the KotR and Generals unit. He had no magic but still had the rock lobber which had done nowt since killing the men at arms on turn 1. For the first time he scored a direct hit right on the damsel in the middle of the Questing knights, then proceeded to roll a 1 to wound her and see all the 5 knights hit pass their ward saves or fail their to wound rolls, unbelievable a direct hit from a rock lobber and not a single casualty these Knights truly were blessed by the lady. My turn the general and Questing knights both charged the Big Uns and mashed them they fled off the board I held the unit back to charge the rock lobber on turn six and wipe out Dave's entire army for the bonus 400VPs.

What a game everyone who'd been watching from just behind us on the scoring table couldn't believe I'd won it after seeing how bad things were at the start of turn 3. I thought I had this in the bag after a perfect turn 1 then got mullered by two straight turns of waagh charges only for the resilience of the Brets and a huge change of luck to pull it round to a complete slaughter for me by turn 6. I have to admit Orcs are by far my favourite opponent in WFB its always a great unpredictable game against them.

After that excitement me and Wesite the Dragon Slayer turncoat headed off for a stroll round buzzing Basingstoke to Pizza Hut for lunch and to worry about what could possibly be waiting for us next game...

Game 3

I arrived at the table for game 3 to be greeted with lustria themed terrain with more woods than you can shake a stick at and a huge pond, gulp. Fortunately when my opponent arrived he had a mixed Chaos beasts force and not an all skirmishing WE or Lizzie army. My opponent was Darren McAninch and his nicely painted and themed Khornate Chaos army, which was roughly as follows:

Doombull (Khorne marked, slaughterers blade)
Two tooled up Beast heroes on foot
Big unit of Khornagor (banner of rage)
8 Centigors
12 Chaos Hounds
3 Khorne Minotaurs
3 Chaos Ogres with GWs
16 Herd 50/50 split
Beasts Chariot
Chaos Giant

This game had quite an unusual scenario, there were two messengers one for each army going sideways across the table which could be captured in a similar way to banners and these were worth upto 500vps. We also had to deploy in a very small deployment zone only half the width of the table made worse for me by the fact I had a huge Lizardman temple in the middle of my deployment zone!

Turn 1: Darren playing in typical Khrone fashion advanced straight at me, he had a pretty straight battleline with the Giant and chariot set slightly back to catch any break throughs, he'd decided to ambush his herd, with no magic or shooting so it was straight over to me. I advanced my main centre consisting of the Lord/QK and BSB/KotR towards the centigor and Khronagor, the men at arms did an about turn to cover the rear of these lances from an ambush, My pegs wandered forward down the temple in the middle of my zone and the three Errant lances zoomed around the far side of the temple to square up to the minos and Ogres. In my magic phase I cast Howler wind from the damsel in the QKs which Darren failed to Dispel, big mistake. Everything else was dispelled with his 6 dice.

Turn 2: Surprisingly Darren decided not to ambush his herd this turn despite me reminding him to do it. The centigor and Hounds attempted to charge my generals units only to fall short due to the howler wind, the Ogres made a dash out on the flank to catch my messenger figure, the chariot crested the top of the hill just behind the minos. My turn I charged the stranded centigor with the Lord/QK lance and charged the Khornagor with the BSB/KotR lance, the Pegs. flew over the minos to charge the chariot on top of the hill. On the other side of the temple my large Errant lance charged the exposed Ogres whilst the other two small lances stood still and jeered at the Minos. In the magic phase I tried to blast the Giant with master of wood and stone but to no avail however I did manage a cheeky 2D6 casting dice master of stone on the angry cows causing a nasty 8 unsaved wounds from 3D6 S4 hits ouch! The archers also knocked a wound off the giant. In combat the Brets did what they do best with the Lords boys whomping all 8 Centigor on the charge, the BSB and KotR made a suitable mess of the Khornagor and broke them taking their banner of rage from them, however somehow the fleet footed goats got away from our pursuit, the dogs had seen enough by now and promptly bolted. Whilst the Pegs. broke the chariot and ran it down ending right behind the chaos line. Predictably the Ogres also took a whomping from the Knights Errant also being broken and run into the ground.

Turn 3: The Khornagor rallied and prepared to face the KotR charge for a second time, the Giant piled forwards into my Lord/QKs lance I did consider fleeing knowing what a lucky giant is capable of, but thought I'd risk holding it. The Minos and Doombull advanced on the two small Errant lances who weren't brave enough last turn to charge them, to exact some retribution for their fallen pals. The ambushing herd eventually arrived next to the Pegs. The Giant decided he'd like to do a bit of jumping up and down and promptly squashed two QKs, in return my Lord using his tress and champion smacked him back for three wounds, he passed his break test. In my turn I recharged the no longer frenzied Khornagor with the KotR/BSB and the pegs in the flank, one of the small Errant lances failed his impetuous check and stupidly charged the doombull and friend. The large Errant lance turned around to line up a rear charge on the doombull next turn. In my magic phase I chucked all three spells at the newly arrived herd nailing almost all the ungor with a master of wood, luckily for them they passed their panic test. In the combat phase the Giant decided he'd had enough of jumping up and down and would try a bit of swinging with club instead knocking just a single knight from his stead, my Lord had had enough of his antics by now and promptly brought him down with his great weapon. The doombull challenged my brave/foolish Errant champion who promptly accepted and was cut to tiny pieces for his trouble, unbelievably the other Knights Errant didn't cause a single wound on the remaining Mino, the cows won the combat but the Errants held. The BSB/KotR and flanking Pegs managed to easily beat the Khornagor and sending them running, cutting them down in pursuit and running into the beastherd.

Turn 4: The game was almost over already with the remnants of the herd facing a combined charge by the Peg Knights and KotR, the Doombull was busily hacking through Knights Errant but I'd soon be able to put enough combat res his way to have him running, killing him wasn't really a viable option. The herd was broken and scattered this turn leaving the Doombull and his friend fighting on to the death, again the Knights fluffed their attacks not able to take the last wound from the Mino standard bearer and the doombull took down two knights leaving them just at equal unit strength and avoiding the autobreak. The knights failed their break test anyway and escaped, the Minos pursued into the small lance behind. In my turn my large unit of knights Errant rear charged the Doombull and friend to put an end to this beast once and for all, again the champion was challenged and cut to pieces, but this time the Mino standard bearers luck ran out and he went down leaving the Doombull way down on combat res, he fled and was cut down for another complete massacre to the Brets.

That was two massacres in a row things were looking up after the dreadful start and when the draw for the next round was read out I would be playing my final game on table 2! Wow maybe I had a chance at a place if I could win, I didn't think for a second I'd be able to win bearing in mind my first game result but a good performance in the final game could well see a top 5 finish which I'd be delighted with.

Game 4

The scenario for this game was pretty much a straight pitched battle with the exception that points for captured banners where doubled. I was drawn against Gavin Miles and his beautiful Slaanesh Chaos mortal army:

Lord on Dragon (GW, bindings of slaanesh, +3 ward)
Lvl 2 Bray Shaman
Lvl 2 Chaos mage
16 Chosen Slaanesh warriors
16 Marauders
16 Beastherd (8 + 8)
2 x 5 Chaos Hounds
Beasts Chariot
6 Mounted Daemonettes
6 Furies

The Lord on Dragon was obviously the scary part but the rest of the army didn't really hold too many problems for me I was actually quite surprised to see no Chosen knights. The terrain was more favourable to me this game than last with a big hill in each deployment zone and an open left flank with just a small wood and building on the edge of the right hand flank.

I deployed all my main lances together in the centre of the table ready to charge off as quickly as possible across the table to smash Gavin's infantry line. My two peasant units and a small Errant lance were set off to the right to try and hold up the dragon for as long as possible, who I was 99% sure would be coming up the right flank using the cover of the wood and building.

Turn 1: Gavin had deployed his slower infantry units and hounds in the centre in a infantry battle line, his faster elements, the Daemonettes, chariot and Dragon were attempting to roll my right flank in a flanking manoeuver. The beastherd and bray took up residence in the wood where they'd stay all game. I managed to Dispel Gavin's very nasty Slaanesh magic this turn. In the shooting phase the Dragon had landed next to my peasant archers and proceeded to fry four of them with its twin breath attacks causing them to panic and run, I was actually quite pleased by this as the way Gavin had landed his Dragon the peasants were blocking the Errants from counter charging it. In my turn 1 I charged the small Errant lance into the Dragon to pin it down for a turn or two and maybe knock a wound off the dragon, the MAA moved forwards to support the Errants and the Archers rallied. All the other Knights moved forwards as fast as possible towards Gavin's infantry line to set up a turn 2 charge. In the magic phase I managed to cast Howler wind in the centre of my knight lances. In combat the Lord on dragon challenged my champion with his bindings, damn. He and his Dragon cut the champion to pieces whilst the other knights stood around and watched I managed to fluff my ward saves and lost combat by 2 the knights broke and the dragon restrained as they ran off the board.

Turn 2: The Lord on Dragon charged the large Errant lance nearest to him threatening the chaos infantry they fled to safety with the help of the howler wind. The Furies charged the remains of the archers who fled and were run down, elsewhere the chariot and Daemonettes continued forwards no the right flank, everything else held position. In the magic phase gavin dispelled my Howler Wind and scrolled his other spell. In my turn I charged both the Lord/QKs and BSB/KOTR into the Chosen warriors and the small Errant lance into a blocking hounds unit, on the right flank my Men at Arms charged the furies. The fleeing Errants rallied and turned to face the dragon again. The Peg knights flew behind Gavin's infantry to threaten the mage stood there. In the magic phase I again got Howler wind off but it was scrolled this turn. In combat I had charged both lances into the Chosen as I was worried they might have the rapturous standard and I needed to break them in one turn to be sure of a overrun move to get me away from that sodding dragon. In the end Gavin didn't even have it so it turned into complete overkill and I massacred them, they broke and both units ran them down, the dogs suffered the same fate at the hands of the Errants. This was all too much for the Marauders who paniced. The men at arms fluffed their attacks on the the Furies, they won through combat res but not by enough to pop them in one turn leaving the Peasants open for a counter charge from the Daemonettes.

Turn 3: Again mr Lord on Dragon charged the same Errant lance as last turn, this turn it was from the front arc so they held and in he went, the mounted Daemonettes charged the flank of the men at arms. Elsewhere the Marauders rallied and the chariot continued its long trek around the right flank. In the magic phase the Chaos Sorcerer managed to cast the, you can't move spell on the Pegs with I.F. pinning them for a turn, the bray also made the Lord attack his own unit, typically he fluffed it causing just one casualty.In combat again the Lord on Dragon used his bindings trick on the Errants champion and caused enough overkill to cancel out all their combat res. and win combat breaking them they ran off the board and he pursued them to the table edge. The mounted Daemonettes easily beat the Men-at-Arms, who broke and were run down by the remaining 3 Furies. In my turn I turned around the Lord/QK lance and headed back towards the centre, The KotR/BSB turned round and headed towards the newly rallied Marauders and beastherd to line up a charge next turn. The small Errant lance also turnaround 180 and moved back towards the centre. Having burned all his scrolls last turn I was once again able to get the howler wind cast from the Damsel in my Lords unit restricting that damn Dragons movement slightly. I also managed to get a 3D6 S4 master of stone off on the Dragon but most of the hits went on the rider who saved them all with his +2 armour and +3 ward saves, I did manage to get one wound on the dragon though! The game was nicely balanced now I'd lost alot of support troops but my main lances were still intact, I was hoping to mop up as many units of Gavin's as I could and hope to limit the dragon to small chunks of victory points.

Turn 4: For once the Dragon was facing the wrong way and wasn't able to charge, he just turned around towards the centre and faced off against my Generals unit he couldn't get too close though as I still had the howler wind going. The Sorcerer ran behind the doomed Marauders to seek cover, the Daemonettes and chariot move towards the centre of the table to try and support the dragon against the rampant Bret knights. Again the Beastherd and Bray shaman continued their nice little picnic in the woods. This turn I scrolled the attempt to make my general attack his own unit and managed to use my dice to stop Gavin pinning my Peg Knights again. My turn, the BSB/KotR and Peg Knights both charged the Marauders, the generals unit sneakily charged the mounted Daemonettes having just enough room to wheel around the Lord & Dragon in front of them, I don't think Gavin had spotted that he'd moved his Daemons too close and being Slaanesh they couldn't flee. My small lance just manoeuvered slightly to the left flank but stayed in the Dragons charge arc hoping to bait him into charging them next turn. I managed to miscast this turn ending the magic phase early nevermind. In combat the combined impact of the KotR and Pegs sent the Marauders running, I held back the KotR as that would bring them closer to the Dragon and ran them down with the Pegs. The Lord/QK cut down the mounted Daemonettes with ease and overran out of the chariots charge arc. It was looking close but I think by this stage I was definitely ahead but not by a huge margin it would all come down to what Gavin's Dragon was capable of doing in the final turns.

Turn 5: The Lord didn't take the bait of the small Errant lance on its left or the Pegs in front of it and charged straight for the BSB/KotR he was probably in my flank and not wanting to risk a unit worth so many points I decided to flee, the Dragon had to fly partially through the howler wind from my generals lance so they were quite safe from being run down, however I rolled so ridiculously high they only just stayed on the table and this would give me a crucial LD9 rally test in my turn. The Furies tried to escape from the Generals lance and flew towards my small Errant lance to contest the table quarter, the chariot lined up a charge on my generals lance. There was no combat this turn so it was straight over to my turn. The most crucial dice roll was to try and rally the BSB/KotR which I did, phew, they turned to face the Dragon if he was going to risk charging them on turn 6 he'd have to do it the hard way from the front. The generals lance swung round to face the chariot. The Pegs lined up the furies for some turn 6 pain and the small Errant lance trotted off to the far corner of the table to claim the Chaos left table quarter. I managed to cast master of stone on the Chaos Sorcerer which luckily killed him just, I also managed to cast master of wood on the picnicing beastherd causing 6 dead ungor, unfortunately they managed to pass their panic check though.

I'd dodged one bullet with rallying the KotR and I was reasonably well ahead on points, the dragon could potentially charge the KotR on turn 6 and break them but it'd have to be lucky to out do their combat res it'd be more likely to be a narrow win to me or a stalemate.

Turn 6: Gavin charged his Lord into the KotR this was going to be decisive one way or the other with over 1,500VPs involved in this one combat with potential bonus for banners etc! He also charged his chariot into the front of my Lord/Qk, the furies moved into my left hand table quarter to try to claim it. The remnants of the Beastherd stayed put. In the magic phase the lone Bray managed to cast the no movement pinning spell with IF on the Pegs to stop them whomping the furies in my turn. In combat Gavin managed to roll 6 for his chariot impact hits killing three knights he still lost combat but passed his break test. Obviously the major combat was the Dragon versus the BSB/KotR, he used his Slaanesh bindings to pull the Damsel from the second rank into a challenge, which I was quite surprised at as the BSB was a much more important target in my opinion, of course the Lord and his Dragon easily dispatched her causing 5 wounds. However I still had 2 ranks, a war banner, virtue of duty and out number so I had won the combat by 1. Now it was Gavin's turn to sweat, he rolled 10 for his break test and the dragon was off I obviously pursued and ran him into the ground!!! That was 700pts + 100 for the general on turn six what a result, I felt for Gavin though losing that many points so close to the finishing line on the last turn of the last game had just cost him any chance of a top three place. My turn not much else to do really my Generals unit shredded the chariot and I blasted the woodland picnic goats down to under half strength with master of wood. I tried to nail the three remaining furies with master of stone but one still somehow survived.

In the end I'd destroyed the whole chaos army except for the Bray and less than half a herd plus 1 fury, I'd taken most of the quarters and a fair few banners. Gavin had accounted for all of the Errant lances, my peasants and a couple of damsels.

Massacre to me and glancing over at table 1 the Slayer army and Vampire Counts seemed to be grinding out a predictable stalemate I'd only gone and won the whole tournament. When the prizes where handed out I was in line for best painted but as I'd already walked off with the winners prize they gave it to my opponent in the final game, I was really glad for him that he picked up a prize as he was a throughly decent bloke with a lovely army and after all if he wasn't brave enough to risk it all on turn 6 neither of us would have won the tournament, so it all worked rather neatly in the end.


I know Alex had a pretty rough time at this event and vowed never to go back again but I actually really enjoyed all my games and winning something for a change was nice, but then again I was very lucky with my opponents all of whom were good sports and only one of them had a lame power gamer army. It did differ from the Bristol brawl with the amount of ridiculously cheesey armies though, lots of hard Wood Elves and Clan Eshin, Slayer, storm of Chaos lists. It also differed from the Brawl by the standard of the top table players, there were no multiple tournament winning players present of the ability of Peggy, Leggy or Andy, although there was some very Andy-like armies :-) So don't start betting on me to win the brawl next year. The event was well run considering it was their first fantasy event and the trophy was top class, really nice and decent prize as well in GW vouchers. Anyway I'm pretty sure I'll be back next year and its just an hour and a half down the road from me as well, which is nice.

As for the Brets, I'm really starting to warm to them they've performed well at the Brawl 2 and this event now and I think I've really hit my stride with them, the three Damsels is just naughty when it works, a first or second turn howler wind is an absolute game breaker. Also for once the KotR and BSB didn't completely fluff all their psychology rolls like they did against Alex in our warm up game and were just awesome every single game, enemies broke on them like water onto rocks, they took charges from Black Orcs, Bret Errants and Chaos Dragons and laughed at all of them. I'm still not sure about the Errantry list versus this one I did miss my grail knight champions and standard on the small lances but it was nice to be able to use them as throwaway mobile flak against the big killy chaos dragon of death.