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The Raising Of The Gut, Part 1(The First Rumblings)

By Steve Evans.

After thinking long and hard ,waying up the pro's and con's I've decided to start a new army project in the new year…….well actually this is a bit of a lie,it took about 5 minutes of flicking through the new Ogre Kingdoms book and seeing all the lovely new models for me to make up my mind.

I've decided to write this initial article then up date it every month as I get more of the army completed.My plan is to buy a unit/box set at the beginning of the month, then get it painted and ready to use by the end of that month a bit like the White Dwarf article A Tale of 4 Gamers.

This is a lot different from the normal way I collect an army as I normally would buy up most of the models ,play test the list for awhile and then paint it up.

I've decided to put together a 2,000pt army as this is the size force that I normally use.After spending an evening reading the army book here's what I've come up with.


For these I'm going for a Tyrant,a Butcher and a Hunter.

The Tyrant has a hand weapon,an ironfist and heavy armour.This gives him either 6 attacks and a 5 up save or 5 attacks and a 3 up save.I've also given him Daemon-Killer Scars which makes him cause terror always useful I find.Plus Spangleshard which hopefully combined with his good armour save should make him a tough nut to crack.

The Butcher just had to have the Halfling Cook Book,I don't know how usefully it will be but the idea of having a book especially for cooking Halflings is a must,it did make me smile when I spotted it.

Both these characters have a pet Gnoblar each,these are the only Gnoblar's in the whole army(more about this later).

The Hunter was a bit of a after thought really,I was just going to have the two characters but after playing a friends Ogre Kingdom army which had a Hunter in and seeing how much fun they were I decided I must have one …with a couple of Sabretusks of course.He also has the Longstrider Big Name upgrade which gives him movement 7 and of course a very impressive 14 inch charge which could come in very handy.

Core Units.

First of all I've decided not to have any Gnoblar units in the army ,the main reason for this is I want a force of big and nasty Ogres rampaging across the battlefield and the Gnoblars just don't seem to fit in to my image of this. Also I'm painting up a Night Goblin army at present and I just can't get my head round painting any more small green boyz at the moment.

So with that decision made I've decided to go for 2 units of 6 Bulls,2 units of 3 Bulls and a unit of Ironguts.Two of the units a 6 and a 3 have just Ogre clubs.While the other two have light armour and ironfists plus the two 6 man units also have a Bellower's.The Ironguts have great weapons and heavy armour as well as a Standard Bearer and a Bellower.So that's the core sorted out now over to special.

Special Units.

As I said earlier no Gnoblar units, so there goes the Scraplauncher.This left me with 3 choice's Leadbelchers,Yhetees or both.After a lot of um-in and ah-in I've decided to go for a unit of 4 Leadbelchers with a Bellower.The Yhetees looked tempting but I want to save some points for some rare units so I'll have to do with out them for the moment.

Rare Units.

And finally my rare choices.There are three different types Maneaters ,Slavegiants and Gorgers.I've gone for a Maneater and a Gorger.First of all the Maneater why only one? Well I wasn't going to have any but then I picked up the Ogre Kingdoms preview pamphlet at a GW store turned to the back page and saw one of the direct sales only models decided there and then I must have it.Anyone who has seen the pamphlet it's the Ninja styled one,what an gorgeous model.I've armed him with a Cathayan Longsword and heavy armour. Next the Gorger again here I wasn't going to bother but then I read the back ground about this scavenging beast and I could just imagine it following behind the army waiting in the shadows until combat was joined. Then it leaping out to tear its prey apart and feasting on their still warm flesh……..right definitely have one of them then.

That's the army list sorted,now it's just a matter of waiting for the beginning of the month and making my first purchase.I'm not going to tell you what I'm going to buy first you'll just have to wait and see in the next instalment.