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A tournament report by Steve Evans

Day One

It was at last years Bristol Brawl part 2 when some of the Vanguard crew mentioned they were going to run their first tournament. Being a big 40k club they had decided to run the event in this system. A group of us Bigíuns decided to enter and show our support for another Bristol club.

As I only have two 40k armies, which are both Imperial Guard I didnít have much of a choice. It was Catachans or Cadians . As Iíve never taken my Cadians to a tournament and seeing there an all-round type of army I decided to take them.

My list.
HQ :- Squad with Heroic Senior Officer, Commissar, Sanctioned Psyker, medic, standard bearer. 2 x Special weapons teams.

Troops :- Infantry platoon with HQ, 2 full squads, 1 half squad. Conscript squad. Grenadier squad in a Chimera.

Elite :- Hardened veteran squad in a Chimera.

Heavy Support :- Leman Russ battle tank Basilisk.

I use the set Cadian regimental doctrine so the infantry platoon has sharpshooters and the officers have iron discipline.

Game one : Recon / Omega.

Secret Objective: Capture terrain with heavy support unit.

Russel Rogers, Necrons.

Cítan Deceiver, 2 units of flayed ones, 2 units of warriors, 3 units of destroyers, 3 single heavy destroyers.

I split my troops between my left flank and the centre in as much cover as I could find. Russ sends his warriors down the centre and the flayed ones to his right both using cover to move forward. Over the next two turns all my other stuff comes on with me placing the basilisk and grenadiers on my left to support my infantry units and my vets and leman russ to the right. Russ gets his deceiver and all his destroyers bar one heavy. The heavies go after my tank while the rest and the deceiver move up behind the flayed ones.

In the next three turns the Necrons take down all my forces on my left with a combination of combat and shooting. The high light or should I say low light was when my demo charge guy throws his charge at the deceiver and it scatters back to land at his feet killing himself and three of his mates. To the centre I manage to see of one of the warrior units. On the right the vets move forward to engage the heavy destroyers with the help of the battle tank.. The last of the heavies is on by now and joins his fellows in the duel with my right flanking force. I manage to take down two of the heavies with a mix of battle cannon and melta shots.

The last two turns sees the destroyers units decimate my centre leaving me with only my Hero and Commissar who get into a fight with the remaining warrior unit. To the right the remaining heavy destroyer takes down my tank with rolls of 5,6,and 6Ö.BOOM.

This is doubly painful, as I had moved it forward to claim my secret objective.

A win for the Necrons. No secret objective bonus for me.

Game two : Secure and Control / Gamma ( 5 loot counters)

Secret Objective: Vanquish two troop choices while keeping one of mine alive.

Alexander Martin, Space Marines

Terminator leader with squad of terminators, marines in a rhino, scouts, jumppack squad, 2 landspeeders, heavy weapons squad, predator and a vindacator.

The loot counters were spread evenly with two on each side and one to the centre. Alex set his rhino, jumppack squad, vindacator and heavy weapon squad on his right. His predator and scout in the centre and his landspeeders to his left. The terminators were left to deep strike. I spread all my infantry between my left and centre with my tank, basilisk and two chimera squads to my right.

The first three turns were a complete disaster for the space marines with them losing a landspeeder, the heavy weapons squad and the predator to shooting , while the scouts and jumppack squads were lost in hand to hand. My losses were only a special weapons team and my half size infantry squad, bargain. Also to really add salt into the wound the terminator had still not turned up.

The final three turns consisted of the terminators turning up on turn four, then taking down both my tank and basilisk, while I took out the vindacator and reduced the marine squad to under half. I also managed to grab two of the loot counters while contesting another, Alex only grabbed one.

A win for the Guard. No secret objective bonus as I could finish off the marine squad.

Game three : Cleanse / Alpha.

Secret Objective : Seize a troop choice.

Alex Heal, Daemonhunters.
Terminator grandmaster with squad of grey knight terminators in a land raider, squad of grey knights in a land raider crusader, dreadnought and a squad of storm troopers in a chimera.

Alex put his land raiders behind a large statue that was in the centre of the battlefield with his chimera and dreadnought just behind in cover. With the land raiders pushed so far forward I had to deploy to the back of my deployment zone, so I set up with all my infantry in cover and my armour hugging cover as best it could.

The first couple of turns were really bad for Alex. I managed to drop a earthshaker round on the chimera blowing it to pieces and killing the squad inside and took down the dreadnought, though it did destroy my battle cannon on my tank. I also managed to take out the land raider crusader with melta gunfire from one of my special weapons teams. But the real shocks came in the combat phase where the grey knights lose combat and some of their own to a couple of infantry squads. This made them a non scoring unit , but even this was nothing compared to when the terminators attack a six man special weapons team and had two men cut down to only one guardsman in return.

For the next three turns of the game the daemonhunters hung on well, killing a few guardsmen units and taking no more casualties but in the final turn there valiant resistance faltered with the last of the grey knights being overwhelmed by mass guard firepower. The remaining land raider was also put out of action. This only left the grandmaster alive on a solitary wound.

A win for the Guard. No secret objective again as the daemonhunters had been wiped out to a man.

Day Two

Game four : Take and Hold / Omega.

Secret Objective : Seize a heavy support choice.

Steve Butler, Eldar.

Farseer, 2 units of dire avengers, 2 units of warpspiders, 2 walkers, scouts, banshees and a couple of grav tanks.

Steve set his walkers, banshees and farseer in the centre behind a hill, a unit of dire avengers to each flank and his scouts forward in the centre in some difficult ground. I placed all but my half size infantry squad to the centre and right. The half size squad hide in some cover to my left.

Within the first two turns we both had all our reserves on and the carnage began. The problem was most of the carnage was happening to myself with me losing all but my tank, half size squad, hero and commissar by turn six. While the Eldar losses were a tank, a walker, the scouts and a unit of dire avengers.

During these turns I learned a few important things, firstly warpspiders are lethal against guard, they took down more of my units than any other in shooting and combat. The other is donít let your enemy block the back doors of your chimera when youíve got troops still in it and there is enemy tanks around. I lost my grenadiers to this mistake, I was gutted and wonít be doing it again mark my words.

The game continued for three extra turns with Steve finishing off my characters and getting all his remaining force around the centre of the table. All I managed to take out was the remaining walker.

A win for the Eldar.. Still no luck with the secret objective, like I was going to capture one of those flying tank things, yeh right.

Game Five : Seek and Destroy / Alpha.

Secret Objective : Seize a fast attack.

Chris Whitcombe, Necrons

Necron lord, 2 units of warriors, 3 unit of destroyers, 2 units of heavy destroyers.

Chris set his heavy destroyer units, warriors and his lord on his right behind cover, while all his destroyer units went to his left. I put as much of my infantry as I could in the centre in cover with the vets and their chimera, the rest went on my left. All my remaining armour went on my right.

The first few turns involved me moving all my troops on the left into cover and losing my grenadiers whilst taking down a couple of destroyers on my right. Chris moved his warriors to the centre and forward, his heavy destroyers slowly to his right while the other destroyers moved forward slowly firing. The rest of the game was spent exchanging fire, with Chris destroying my tank, basilisk and one of the chimeras. I managed to reduce one of the warrior units to below half strength and take down two of the destroyer units. We toted up the scoring units Chris had four and I had six.

A win for the Guard. Secret objective, yep you guest it, no chance, if I would have come out of my cover those destroyers would have shot me to hell.

So thatís that five fun games, against five nice opponents, all played on some really lovely gaming tables.

I would like to say a big thank you and well done to the Vanguard lads and lasses for a great weekend of 40K gaming. I will definitely be looking for a place in next yearís event.