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Blu'Stones Origins - Original Fantasy Fiction by Mark Colfer-Henderson

"Flee, must flee", these thoughts, fast and furious, passed through the vicious little gnoblars mind.

The Gnoblar skids around the corner, and a kneecap greets his face, smashing his nose, gristle exploding across his dirty little face and the pain making him dizzy.

The knee to whom this belongs to is known as Grumblegut the Ogre. Now Grumblegut on any other day would of ignored this incident, laughed even and more then likely would of stood on the Gnoblar... however this day he was looking for a thief.

With a yelp the hapless gnoblar’s head is caught in a vice like grip, lifted up to the face of Grumblegut "What yer doing down there little one"? The Gnoblar tried to speak as his hands fumble and drop something.

Grumblegut is by no means stupid, as the thinlings call him, just slow and ponders on his words. However despite his slowness he notices the item drop from the gnoblar’s hand and strike the floor with a dull thud.

"Yer the thief!” growls Grumblegut.

The gnoblar squirms as the bellow from the ogre so close to his sensitive ears causes a stream of blood to trickle from his head as his eardrums rupture. Before the gnoblar could cry in despair, Grumblegut’s thumb slams into the protruding gristle and his thumb goes through the gnoblars head and crushes his brain.

Grumblegut then tosses the corpse into the shadows, which is quickly snatched from the air by a pale hand, and with a sickly crunching sound, the Gnoblar was no more.

This brought a smile to the Ogre's face briefly, he has never feared the paleskins (Gorgers) and found he attracted them around him.

The item however shimmered drawing Grumbleguts attention down, crashing down onto one knee he scoops up the item.

He then proceeds down some tunnels which have long ago been smashed and carved from living rock using there Ironfists, from this the owners have earned a place by their masters side. Grumblegut was very pleased with one tunnel however, as he had smashed it apart with his own hands and in turn created a cave to which it was connected, this gave him respect by the others, as he used no Ironfist to achieve his goal. Through repsect and fear he became the main Bruiser.

Within this cave stands a statue, standing a good ogre and a half taller then himself, he opens his hand slowly and looks up.

"Pa... I found yer finger, I'd got the bugger and fed him to the paleskins....foods shorter then normal Pa... I's knows the tribes forgot us and left us here to die... but we's getting hungry and the gnoblars are too skinny"

This statue however was a once living ogre Tyrant, who led the expedition under Mountain Mourn, within a few days the ogres noticed how the walls shimmered blue, but thought nothing of it, trying to use the light to avoid the paleskin's which they knew fought anything if it meant a meal, and many an ogre had fallen to their grasping hands.

On the verge of quitting through the lack of success, a screech is heard through the natural caverns, the ogres almost mad from hunger and frustration, chased after this sound.. they found what caused it.

A blue stone basilisk lives under Mountain Mourn, it's hide as tough and durable as the stone around it, this creature survived on paleskins and oddly enough by eating the blue stones which are found everywhere, and have been providing the light for the expeditionary force.

One ogre in the back saw this monstrous creature and turned to run, escaping.. and in turn being named and shamed as Skogg Noguts .

The Tyrant enraged and wanting to get choice cuts, ordered the force to stay as he fought his prize much to the dismay of his sons.

(Grumblegut is the New Tyrant and Rumblegut is the bruiser,the Tyrant of the expedition isn't in any future plans.. you'll see why - FDG)

The battle lasted for the best part of a day, but time was difficult to tell and watching the fight made time pass faster then they realized. After 9 hours of wrestling the beast, the tyrant had be hit by his glare and parts of his skin turned blue and stone like, during one of these glares the tyrant, punched his fist into the beast's maw driving his fist deep, ripping it's insides apart. This feat was doable as his arm was the first part of his body that got hit first by the beasts glare.

With the beast dead, the butcher (Can't think of a name) runs to his tyrants side. "Eat it's brain, then EAT it's heart, quickly before you turn to stone"!

The tyrant listening to the words of his favorite cook, cracks the beast skull apart and devours it's brain.

Within the beast's cave they find other animals, how they got there did not bother them, there was enough food to last them for a long while, including the meat from the 18 foot long basilisk.

When the tribe finally finished eating the basilisk the tyrant buckles, shouting in pain the effect of the glare has been slowed but the stone curse was on him, slowly day by day changing his features into stone, but oddly enough it made him grow bigger and stronger.

Alas this was not meant to be, Tyrant Deathcheater Blu'stone used his last ounce of strength, to utter these words to Grumblegut. "Feast on me, grow strong and lead the tribe to food and revenge"!

When Grumblegut heard these word's with his Pa's finger in his hand standing in front of the statue, he didn't slow or think he obeyed his father.

The effect it had on Grumblegut was less severe then what Pa went thought, through out the entire day it took him to consume him he gained his height, strength and his toughness, with this new found strength he smashed his way through mountain mourn to the other side, with a backward glance he called the tribe out to him "FREEDOM in the name of Blu'stone to war"!!!

Thus the day The Underbellies stepped forth and everything they saw, they viewed it........... as a meal.

Mark Colfer-Henderson aka Freaky Deaf Guy