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The 40k Campaign Challenge - February

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Player - Corrode

Well I'm doing Blood Angels for this little project. The BA were my first army when I was 10 or 11, and I was attracted to them purely because they were BRIGHT RED. Since then they've remained my favourite Chapter, and Sanguinius my favourite Primarch, though they've been joined on that lofty pedestal by the two Fists Chapters and Rogal Dorn respectively. The prospect of a new Codex in April and the manageable goal of the year-long project seemed the perfect time to have another go with them, even if I am just about finishing a Crimson Fists army... ah well, I'll get around to those Xenos or Guard forces at some point I suppose.

My efforts as a kid were atrocious - I still have a boxful of poorly-painted red Marines which would make the average 8 year old cringe. I'm hoping that this time around my Angels will look a little bit more like the magnificent, highly-decorated artists they're supposed to be in the fluff and a lot less like someone vomited chunks of red on them. I'm still not sure whether or not I want to run true Blood Angels or a Successor, so for this month I've stuck with the Death Company - they're crazy dudes in black armour, they fit into any Angels Chapter. On top of that I still had the old metals sitting about, though they'll need jump packs. The nice metal sculpts should fit right in with any prospective new models which show up.

Here's a photo of the Death Company beforehand, then, along with Brother Test Model:


The Death Company turned out pretty well! The jump packs only showed up a couple of days late so I'll count that as a pass ;)

Player - Lurkus Spleen

When it comes to 40k I love Guard, I've dabbled with other armies like Space Marines and Nids for example but I've always, in the end, gone back to Guard.

So when we decided to start this project it was just a matter of deciding which flavour of Guard to go for.

In the end it was an easy decision as I've been collecting bits for a Steel Legion armoured army for some months now and this was the perfect opportunity to paint it up.

The way I'm going to go about this is that I've designed a 1,500pt list up front, so that I know what models I've got and the ones I still need to get.

Below is said list.

69th Armageddon Steel Legion

Command Squad (Company Commander, Vox, Grenade Launcher, Heavy Bolter)

Veteran Squad ( Sergeant, Vox, Lasguns, Grenade Launcher, Plasmagun, Missile Launcher)
Veteran Squad ( Sergeant, Vox, Lasguns, Grenade Launcher, Missile Launcher)
Veteran Squad ( Sergeant, Vox, Lasguns, Grenade Launcher, Lascannon)


Leman Russ
Leman Russ
Leman Russ

As you can see I've only got nine options on the list so I still need two more to fulfil my quota. One of these I already have a Baneblade which I've had for awhile and I'm itching to paint. The other I'm not sure yet, maybe another HQ choice, maybe another tank, I will just have to wait and see. Anyway for my first choice I'm going to go for my HQ squad (see picture). Now all I've got to decided is what colour scheme to go for.


Iím really happy with the way my first choice has turned out. It took a few attempts to get the colour scheme right but I think it looks good.

Player - nurgleonbass

After much indecision I am going to go with the Space Wolves. Not much else to say at the moment as I am still trying to work out a good theme for the army.

First unit up will be some converted Fenrisian Wolves made from Chaos Warhounds and Fimo.


Quite happy with the Fenrisian wolves as my first choice. The best for me was learning how to make the icicles you can see on some of the bases. I always like to try something new when there is a unit I haven't painted before.

Player - Selket

I have chosen to do Imperial Guard for this project because I wanted to paint something a bit more realistic than my daemons. I am starting with a platoon consisting of two squads of regular guardsmen, a command squad and a heavy weapons team.

The structure I will follow in this project will be similar to the formation of the British army companies in that it will consist of three platoons, with a command squad as an HQ choice. Heavy support, elites and fast attack are still to be decided in a more detailed list which will follow.

The colour scheme I have chosen is similar to the 1994 DPM as I don't see why, in the far far future, the armed forces of the Imperium feel the need to advertise their positions with brightly coloured armour (see Blood Angels).


'Ereygo! The picture doesn't show it but I did some tents on the heavy weapons teams and camo nets to cover up the bare metal - you can just about see the shape of one at the back.

Player - mr te'atime'

When we started started this project I decided that I was going to give eldar a go, because no one else was and simply that I've always liked the elegance and raw power of the eldar.

I searched around for various paint schemes on the net and finaly settled on a black colour scheme. yes it may seem unimaginitive but the plan is that most units will be black with reddy orange as the contrast and the spot colour of blue, (eyes, weapon power feeds etc) but all aspect warriors will be black but with their own colours as the contrast i.e fire dragons red- orange, howling banchees purple and the striking scorpions green, with some nice free hand designs to boost this. I'm not sure how it will work out but all we can do is wait and see.


The first months painting went well, the colour scheme worked (with just a little tinkering) and I'm now ready for something bigger.

Player - Dev-Nul

Iíve selected to do Dark Eldar for project 40k. I happen to have the codex and Steve had some Dark Eldar for sell that is how we got this point.

After writing up a army list and looking through the codex I selected to make a Dark Eldar list with a Archon as my HQ choose to allow me all parts of the codex rather than a Wych army.

As I really wanted to include a Talos for some heavy support with its 3 wounds and acts like a skimmer. After using a Chaos army and the standard dreadnought are slow and cumbersome. I was looking forward to unleashing terror upon my foes with this quick and dangerous war machine.

Player - Frogboy

I'm building a Dreadnought to start my Khorne worshiping Traitor Marine Renegades, I've always liked the idea of the dreadnoughts in 40k and I think the rules for the chaos marine dreads suits the theme of khornate berzerkers down to the ground, with their crazed shooting and crazed charge's, after all it dosn't matter who die's just as long as there's "blood for the blood god !

I'm building this out of random parts and plasti-card, if I get it right it should turn out to be a nice centre piece for the army.


Player - Dread Lord

I've decided to go for a Tyranid army for this project. With a new Codex recently released and the classic 'alien' feel of the 'nids I knew I just had to have them.

I started with a troop choice and went for Termagants, really just to get a feel for painting 'nids and some basic troops are always good for the compulsory army choices.


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